Saturday, July 08, 2006

Natchez Trace & Pucketts Grocery

Beautiful day today. Mid 80's and low humidity. Good day to break in the new Cortech HRX mesh kit. I connected to the Trace at the intersection of Rt100 which I guess is around mile marker 441 real close to the end of this scenic by-way. Obviously I headed south. Sign said Tupelo 169 miles,hmmm?
This last section for about 42 miles is posted 40mph. Nice sweepers but way to slow. After this section it goes up to a posted 50. The road is beautiful with no traffic at all in ether directions. The road side is cut and manicured almost to a fault. I think I was traveling the longest lawn on earth. After about 80 miles I turned around and headed back, stopped and took this pick next to the old trace. The path is actually sunken down and it looks like a hole in the woods. It could fit in the M Night movie "The Village". Spooky and quiet out here!

I stopped for lunch at Pucketts. Really quaint old place and village. Lots of bikes around and the best sweet potato french fries I have tasted in a long time. The cheeseburger was awesome too! Note to self, bring a big appetite next time and try the buffet.
I did spot the General Lee hidden behind the smoker!
Overall the return trip was quicker. I had to get back to take care of Abbi. The sweepers were great.
Rode about 180 mile overall. It felt great to get out again. The Cortech mesh was great and comfortable. Maybe an adventure to ride this down to Mile Marker 1 is in the future?

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Brian said...

Pucketts is a pretty good place to grab some chow. I was there with Banditmaster one day on a ride. I chose the buffett, and it was worth the effort to pack it all away, very good. Natches Trace is cool enough, but WAAAAAAYYYY under posted for speed. 40mph, somebody needs thier head examined.